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Shipping and Delivery Bot


A bot that assists with the facilitation of shipping and delivery of orders. Checkout now for a 30 day license. Setup and instructions will be emailed to you. If you would like a consultation, please use the request BOT feature below.

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When a customer takes a contract through a CC or online with a device and accessories, the process starts with vetting and stock checks which update the status. The order passes through fusion middleware (FMW) to EppiX, L500 FMW. If the statuses were misaligned due to failures to pull from tables and updates. The Bots did continuous checks on the tables and flagged misalignments fetched the correct data from the relevant tables and updated the orders.

They also sent customers to update any SMS similar to Amazon to notify where the order was in the process. Customers could SMS back should they require any shipping changed e.g. address changes.  and the BOT would act on the request updating the order and auctioning the request

Business Owner: Cops- Ugestra Alwar

Contact Email:

Initial Effort: 3 weeks to full implementation

Cost: R134 000

Qualitative benefit: On immediate deployment a 98.32%improvement on the journey

Efficiency Savings: R45 million in 6 months


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Case Study

Problem: A manual, time consuming process of data collection from multiple applications, data discrepancy identification and resolution by data patch deployments in production as part of shipment journey for daily 10K orders. This meant customers were not getting their phones and accessories delivered for their contracts and lines were not being activating costing the company revenue

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